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Through the complete curriculum planning and perfect teaching facilities, the department's educational goals for undergraduate students are:

  1. Enrich students' basic knowledge and skills in the opto-electronic theories.

  2. Develop students' basic capacities for practical implementation as well as communication and coordination.

  3. Equip student with an international outlook, professional vision, and humanistic literacy.

  4. Cultivate students' practical opto-electronic technology skills that can meet industry needs.


And we hope that students will have the following core competencies to face the challenges of future work.

  • Possess the ability to describe the various aspects of optoelectronics.

  • Possess the ability to implement basic theories and techniques to the fields of science, physics, mathematics, and optoelectronics.

  • Possess the ability to make good use of modern technology and information devices.

  • Possess the ability to make effective communication, execute teamwork, coordination, and integration.

  • Possess a broad international perspective and good foreign language skills.

  • Possess literacy in humanism and social responsibility.

  • Possess good stress-resilience capacity, professional ethics, professionalism, and moral integrity.

  • Become learner-autonomy.

  • Possess technical skills necessary for executing optoelectronic engineering projects and using optoelectronic Devices.

  • Possess the ability to design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data, and solve problems.

  • Possess the ability to design opto-electronic engineering systems, components, and processes.

  • Have updated knowledge for current opto-electronics industry and market demands.