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The Department of Electro-Optics Technology established in August 2001 with a 2-year college cultivated the electro-optics technology practical talents. The Department of Electro-Optics Technology was renamed as the Department of Electro-Optical Engineering in August 2003. The Institute of Electro-Optics Technology was renamed as the Master Program of Electro-Optical Engineering. In the same year, the Doctoral Program of Electro-Optical Engineering was inspected and established by the Ministry of Education to cultivate professional talents with practical and development capacity of electro-optics technology.  Our faculty comes from a broad range of important specialty fields such as optical communications, flat panel display, optoelectronic material and devices, optical engineering, nano/bio optics and photonics, optical information processing .

This department now has 20 full-time faculty members, including 13 Professors, 3 Associate Professors, 4 Assistant Professors. Each year the department admits about 40 undergraduates, 60 students to the master program and 8 students to the Doctoral program. Our department aims to equip students with adequate knowledge and skills required in this field to meet the local industrial needs.

Edited on Feb. 18, 2019