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Mar.15, 2019 - Special Projects Competition for Undergraduate of the class 2019 in Electro-Optical

The Special Projects Comeptition for undergraduate of the class 2019 was held at the Hall(11F) of Everlight Building on Mar. 15, 2019.  There are 13 teams with 43 participants. Dr. Rex Hsu and Dr. Ching-Wei Yu, both the alumni of Electro-Optical Engineering, and Prof. Trong-Yen Lee, head of Electronic Engineering, are invited as the judges.



The final match is as following,

The FIRST Place

  • Subject: Light-driven bionic structure(光驅動仿生結構)
  • Students: 謝舜宇、陳儷予
  • Advisor: Prof. Yu-Chieh Cheng


The SECOND Place

  • Subject: Preparation of high quality films using perovskite CsPbBr3 quantum dots and application to light-emitting diodes(利用鈣鈦礦CsPbBr3量子點製備高品質薄膜及應用於發光二極體)
  • Students: 邱國賢、楊晉賓、范良宇、潘建勳、張麒蔚、吳冠賢
  • Advisor: Prof. Lung-Chien Chen


The THIRD Place

  • Subject: Generation of erbium-doped mode-locked fiber lasers and pulse compression(摻鐿鎖模光纖雷射之產生與脈衝壓縮)
  • Students: 張展耀、劉柏呈、蘇俋任
  • Advisor: Prof. Ja-Hon Lin
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