Jan.10, 2020 - Special Projects Competition for Undergraduate of the class 2020 in Electro-Optical Engineering

The Special Projects Comeptition for undergraduate of the class 2020 was held at the Hall(11F) of Everlight Building on Jan. 10, 2020.  There are 13 teams with 43 participants. Dr. Rex Hsu and Dr. Ching-Wei Yu, both the alumni of Electro-Optical Engineering, and Prof. Yang-Lang Chang, head of Electrical Engineering, Taipei Tech, are invited as the judges.

The final match is as following,

The FIRST Place

  • Subject: Method and Implementation of Aliasing Reduced in Layered 3D Images Using Circular Iterative Angular Spectrum Algorithm (CISA)
  • Students: 張瑞顯、李俊賢、楊凱仲
  • Advisor: Prof. Wei-Feng Hsu

The SECOND Place

  • Subject: Perovskitequantum dots combined nanogold
  • Students: 方舜麟、陳騏超、吳智文、羅亦軒
  • Advisor: Prof. Lung-Chien Chen

The THIRD Place

  • Subject: Using RGB Laser to Projecting Full-color Image
  • Students: 楊子玄、吳淇賢、張雲心
  • Advisor: Prof. Wei-Feng Hsu